Unserem Sonnensystem auf der Spur: alles zum "magnetischen Sonnensystem" (B redet - Podcast, 27.07.2023)


1How does the climate system work?859 Carrington-Class Solar Storm Pummeled Earth's Magnetic Field

Big Bear Solar Observatory Great Solar Flare (August 7, 1972)

Heliospheric current sheet 2001 till 2009CME Leaving the Sun, Slamming into our Magnetosphere

Das SonneSunspot Animationnsystem: Unser Zuhause im Weltall

Miloslav Druckmüller, Stále záhadná sluneční koróna

NASA Apollo 16 NASA Documentary – Nothing So Hidden – 1972 – 5th Moon Landing

NASA Apollo 17 Lunar Rover


Kapitel 1 Das Sonnensystem und die Heliosphäre

1.1 Eigenschaften des Sonnensystems

Das Sonnensystem: Unser Zuhause im Weltall

Johns Hopkins University The Magnetic Fields of the Solar System

Mapping the Heliosphere for the first time

Solar System 101 | National Geographic

The Heliosphere

1.2 Dynamoprozesse und magnetische Eigenschaften

1.3 Der Einfluss der Sonne auf die Heliosphäre

1.4 Zur Erforschung des heliosphärischen Weltraumwetters

Eclipse Photography Home page Miloslav Druckmüller

Kapitel 2 Erforschung der Sonne und Heliosphäre

2.1 Kurze Geschichte magnetischer Phänomene und Prozesse im Sonnensystem 

2.2 Observatorien im Weltraum und auf der Erde

Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope

Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope Videos

(EST) European Solar Telescope

Hi-C Captures Solar Highways and ‚Sparkles‘

Rocket-Borne Telescope Detects Super-Fine Strands on the Sun

Sunrise Gallery

Sunrise Videos

2.3 Menschen und ihre Forschungsmethoden

2.4  Einige Messinstrumente und Messtechniken

Astronomy – spectroscopy – 3/3

Stellar Spectroscopy – what can we learn about stars

The Zeeman Effect

2.5 Datenanalyse unter Ausnutzung physikalischer Effekte

2.6 Analytische Modellierung und Numerische Simulationen


Kapitel 3 Die magnetisch aktive Sonne

Filament eruption, August 31, 2012

SDO Gallery Spots Galore

The X-Ray Sun Over 5.5 Years [Hinode/XRT]

3.1 Magnetische Sonnenphänomene

3.2 Der innere Aufbau  und die Atmosphärenschichten der Sonne

Structure and Composition of the Sun

Solar Science: The Layers of the Sun

3.3 Magnetische Sonnenflecken und solare Aktivitätszyklen

Astronomy - The Sun - Sunspot Cycles

A Sunspot, Revealed in Incredible Detail by Europe’s Newly Upgraded GREGOR Telescope

DKIST Begins Science Operations Commissioning Phase

Eingefrorene Magnetfeldlinien

First sunspot observed by the Inouye Solar Telescope

Institute for Solar Physics Stockholm Videos 2008

NASA Ames (2022) Secrets of Sunspots and Solar Magnetic Fields Investigated in NASA Supercomputing Simulations

NASA Science Live: Our Next Solar Cycle

NASA - Solar Cycle

NSF’s newest solar telescope produces first images

Plasmamaterie im Magnetfeld

Sunspot Animation

Two Weeks in the Life of a Sunspot

X3.1 flare, October 24, 2014

Zeitliche und räumliche Entwicklung der magnetischen Flussdichte in der Photosphäre der Sonne

3.4 Erzeugung solarer Magnetfelder in Dynamoprozessen

Dynamo: from plasma flow to magnetic fields

Dynamo theory and its application to the Sun by Arnab Rai Choudhuri

Funktionsprinzip des Alpha-Omega-Dynamos

Solar Dynamo Theory

The Babcock Model of the Sun’s Magnetic Cycle

The Solar Dynamo: Plasma Flows

The Solar Dynamo: Toroidal and Poloidal Magnetic Fields

3.5 Chromosphärisches Netzwerk, Spikulen und Tornados

Images from NJIT Big Bear Solar Observatory Peel Away Layers of a Stellar Mystery

NASA study reveals origins of plasma spicules on sun’s surface

Scientists Uncover Origins of Dynamic Jets on Sun’s Surface

Solar Chromosphere june 2007

Solar Polar Crown Prominences

Vortex flows in the solar atmosphere

3.6 Protuberanzen und koronale Magnetfeldstrukturen

Enormous Solar Prominence seen by NASA's SDO

NASA 2016 Science – Seeing the Inner Corona

NASA SDO - Filament December 4 - 6, 2010

NASA’s SDO Watches Giant Filament on the Sun

Polar Quiescent Solar Prominence in High Resolution

Solar Eclipse Corona

Solar Prominence

3.7 Flares, solare Eruptionen und Koronale Masseauswürfe

A Solar Eruption in 5 Steps

Filament eruption, August 31, 2012

Flares, Solare Eruption und Koronaler Masseauswurf

From emergence to eruption: A comprehensive simulation of a solar flare

Giant Prominence Erupts – April 16, 2012

Grand Daddy Prominence

M2.0 flare, June 7, 2011

Magnetische Rekonnexionsprozesse in resistiven Medien

X1.2 flare, January 7, 2014

X4.9 flare, February 25, 2014

X Marks the Spot: SDO Sees Reconnection

3.8 Zur Aufheizung der solaren Atmosphärenschichten

Discovering the Sun’s Mysteriously Hot Atmosphere

M7.6 and M5.5 flares, July 23, 2016

Far side flare, July 19, 2012

PM-NAFE processed SDO AIA videos archive

ScienceCasts: The Mystery of Coronal Heating

Was heizt die Korona auf Millionen Kelvin?

Why the sun's atmosphere is hundreds of times hotter than its surface


Kapitel 4 Der Sonnenwind im Weltraum

4.1 Historische Bemerkungen

4.2 Sonnenwind und Heliosphäre

V. Bothmer (2018) Die Sonne zum Greifen nah

Gephysical Insights (2022) Solar Wind and Its Effect on Earth or Daily Life

NASA ScienceCasts: Cosmic Bow Shocks

O. Nash (2020) What is Solar Wind, and How is it Made?

N. Sachdeva et al. (2022) Solar wind modeling with the Alfven Wave Solar atmosphere Model driven by HMI-based Near-Real-Time maps by the National Solar Observatory

Science Channel () Solar Wind: A Silent Threat

SpaceRip (2011) Strange Magnetic Bubbles at the Edge of the Solar System

The Heliosphere

Zoom From The Milky Way Galaxy To Our Heliosphere

4.3 Eigenschaften des Sonnenwindes und ihre Variationen im Verlaufe des Sonnenzyklus

Heliospheric current sheet HCS, Tilt angle recreated from Ulysses space probe

NASA ScienceCasts (2020) Effects of the Solar Wind

The Ulysses Legacy: Observing the Sun for 17 years

Was ist der Sonnenwind?

What is Solar Wind, and How is it Made?

4.4 Die Quellen des Sonnenwindes in der Sonnenkorona

Coronal Holes & the Sources of the Solar Wind (Part 1)

Coronal Holes and Sources of the Solar Wind (Part 2)

Magnetic Field Illuminated

Magnetic Forces Unveiled

Magnetism Revealed

SOHO-Filaments and Prominences

4.5 Heizung der Korona und des Sonnenwindes

Anatomy of a Coronal Mass Ejection

Center for Space Environment Modeling Numerical Challenges in Modeling CMEs and SEP Events

Geheimnis - "Unmögliche" Hitze Das Rätsel der Sonnenkorona

M. Hahn (2021) Alfven Wave Damping and Heating in the Solar Corona

Lagerfeuer auf der Sonne

NASA - Many Views of a Massive CME

NASA - STEREO Observes One of the Fastest CMEs On Record

Numerische Simulation zur Ausbreitung eines Interplanetaren Koronalen Masseauswurfs

Propagation of 2008.12.12 CME in 3D

ScienceCasts: The Mystery of Coronal Heating

M. Velli (2020) Parker Solar Probe: Understanding Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration

We Finally Know Why Sun's Corona Is So Extremely Hot

4.6 Die dynamische Heliosphäre

Heliospheric current sheet 2001 till 2009

The Interplanetary Magnetic Field (Parker Spiral)

The Solar Wind

4.7 Mikroskopische Prozesse im Sonnenwind


Kapitel 5 Parker Solar Probe und Solar Orbiter

5.1 Neue Epoche in der Erforschung der inneren Heliosphäre

How ESA’s Solar Orbiter and NASA’s Parker Solar Probe work together

Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter Trajectories

Parker Solar Probe – orbit and timeline

Solar Orbiter’s journey to the Sun

Wissen um 11 – Parker Solar Probe und Solar Orbiter – Ulrich von Kusserow

5.2 Wissenschaftliche Ziele und Instrumente von Parker Solar Probe


C. Meier (2018) The Parker Solar Probe - Dive Into The Sun

Parker Solar Probe – former SPP (Solar Probe Plus) Spacecraft Mission

Parker Solar Probe Launch

Parker Solar Probe Mission – Die Sonne zum Greifen nah (1/2)

Parker Solar Probe Mission – Die Sonne zum Greifen nah (2/2)

L. O. Reimer, ARTE (2020) Sonnenstürme – Die rätselhafte Gefahr

Webinar by Volker Bothmer – Pioneering exploration of the solar corona and near Sun environment

5.3 Wissenschaftliche Ziele und Instrumente von Solar Orbiter

Solar Orbiter liftoff

Solar Orbiter Mission

A. Warmuth (2021) Der Sonne entgegen: Die Mission Solar Orbiter

5.4 Erste Ergebnisse der Missionen

‚Campfires‘ offer clue to solar heating

Die neuesten Ergebnisse von Solar Orbiter – Daniel Verscharen bei Faszination Astronomie

Giant solar eruption seen by Solar Orbiter

IAC (2022) Extreme Exploration: Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter

JHU Applied Physics Laboratory (2020) Sounds of the Solar Wind from NASA's Parker Solar Probe

U. v. Kusserow (2021)  Parker Solar Probe und Solar Orbiter - Die Erforschung des Sonnenwindes

NASA Enters the Solar Atmosphere for the First Time, Bringing New Discoveries

Parker Solar Probe – News Archive

Parker Solar Probe’s WISPR Images Inside The Sun’s Atmosphere

Parker Solar Probe: The Origins of Switchbacks

Parker Solar Probe: Understanding Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration – Dr. Marco Velli

See The Solar Wind

Snapshots from the Edge of the Sun

SOHO Observation Videos

Solar Orbiter – Latest

Solar Orbiter publishes a wealth of science results from its cruise phase

Switchbacks Science: Explaining Parker Solar Probe’s Magnetic Puzzle

Tiny magnetic episodes may have large consequences on the Sun

M. Velli (2020) Parker Solar Probe: Understanding Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration

Welt (2019) Parker Solar Probe - Daten der Nasa-Raumsonde sorgen für Überraschungen Daten der Nasa-Raumsonde sorgen für Überraschungen 

A. Warmuth (2022) Solare Ausbrüche - Neue Bilder der Solar Orbiter Mission - Update 2022 - Flares

WISPR U.S. Naval Research Laboratory: sn.pub/xcA1TLSOHO Observation Videos

Zooming into the Sun with Solar Orbiter


Kapitel 6 Hindernisse im Sonnenwind

NASA ScienceCasts: Effects of the Solar Wind

The Solar Wind Across Our Solar System (Informationsmaterial)

6.1 Bugstoßwellen vor magnetischen Hindernissen

Cassini Encounters Saturn’s Bow Shock

NASA ScienceCasts: Cosmic Bow Shocks

Swimming ducks

6.2 Magnetosphären und Ionosphären der Planeten und Monde als Hindernisse

Amazing close-up of Venus captured by NASA Parker Solar Probe

EuroPlanet (2023) Sae Aizawa explains solar wind interaction with magnetic fields & atmospheres at different planets

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Captures Imagery of Sun’s Outflow

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Sees Venus Orbital Dust Ring in 1st Complete View


6.3 Asteroiden und Kometen als Hindernisse

Asteroid Eros NEAR Shoemaker NASA

Comet Hale-Bopp

6.4 Teilchen als Hindernisse

A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System

Cosmic Rays and the Heliopause


Kapitel 7 Kometen und Ihre Schweife

Comet Lovejoy Continues its Course Toward the Sun

Comet NEOWISE from space in stunning time-lapse video

7.1 Ausbildung der Kometenkoma

Comet Illustration (Animation)

Giotto 25 years movie

Giotto: Halley’s Comet Flyby Animation (14.03.1986)

7.2 Kometenschweife in großer Sonnennähe

Comet Lovejoy Cruises around the Sun

Comet Lovejoy transits solar magnetic fields (sn.pub/wbccdF eintippen)

Comet Neat

Death-Defying Comets Explore the Sun’s Atmosphere

Four of Our Favorite SOHO-discovered Comets


NASA/GSFC/G. Duberstein  Insights on Comet Tails Are Blowing in the Solar Wind

Probing the Solar Magnetic Field with a Sun-Grazing Comet

STEREO Watches the Sun Blast Comet PanSTARRS

7.3 Fragmentation des Kometenkerns und Schweifabrisse

Comet Encke’s tail ripped by the Sun

Comet Hyakutake time lapse sequence

Solar Hurricane Tears Off Tail of Comet Encke

7.4 Aktivitäten im Kometenkern

Churyumov–Gerasimenko Approaching perihelion – Animation

Dust and Cosmic Ray on the Surface of the Comet

Rosetta unravels formation of sunrise jets


Kapitel 8 Planetare Magneto-, Ionosphären und die Polarlichter

8.1 Historisches

Red Aurora Australis 

Auroral oval on Jupiter in ultraviolet wavelengths

8.2 Die Planeten mit dynamogenerierten Magnetosphären

Eine Reise durch unser Sonnensystem: Maßstäbe und Entfernungen

Interested Engeneering (2020) Mars Does Have a Magnetic Field of Sorts, 'Induced' by Solar Winds

Magnetosphären (Ulrich Christensen)

Mapping the Heliosphere for the first time

NASA Investigates Invisible Magnetic Bubbles in Outer Solar System

Physik der Planeten - Innerer Aufbau 

SciShow Space (2020) The Two-Faced Role of Planetary magnetic fields

Which Planets and Moons Have Magnetospheres

8.3 Die Erde im Sonnenwind

Cluster Quartet probes the Secrets of the Black Auroras

Das Alter des Ozeanbodens farbcodiert dargestellt

Earth's Outer Core Motion 

Earth’s magnetic song recorded for the first time during a solar storm

Effects of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling in the polar ionosphere

Erdmagnetosphärische Stürme und Polarlichter

Exploring Turbulent Space Around Earth

Horizons mission time-lapse – The dancing aurora 

Magnetic Confinement Concepts

Magnetic field lines inside Earth’s core Inverse problems and data assimilation

Magnetic Striping and Seafloor Spreading

Magnetic tides

Magnetosphere particle populations

Modeling Earth's Magnetism

Heinz Hofer (2023) Nordlichter vom Himmel holen 

Heinz Hofer Nordlichter verzaubern Denkmal "Kinder der Welt"

Northern Lights seen across the UK in stunning display

Radiation Belts & Plasmapause

K. Sergey, I. Vladislav (2022) Stabilization of the astropause by periodic fluctuations of the stellar wind

South Atlantic Anomaly impact radiation

Spacecraft Pictures Aurora

F. Stefani (2022) Laboratory experiments on the generation and action of cosmic magnetic fields

Stunning simulation shows how the Earth gets its magnetic field 2,000 miles below the surface 


The Earth's outer core surrounded by magnetic field lines during the modeled geomagnetic reversal

The geodynamo 

The Geodynamo

THEMIS - All-Sky Imagers

Unravelling Earth’s magnetic field

Walter Pitman and the Smoking Gun of Plate Tectonics

What If What If Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flipped?

Why is Earth’s magnetic north pole drifting so rapidly

8.4 Magnetfeldeigenschaften anderer Planeten und des Erdmondes

A Magnetic Surprise of Venus Express

First Map of Mars Electric Currents

Frontiers in Planetary and Stellar Magnetism through High-Performance Computing

Jupiter Magnetic Tour

Jupiter’s Dynamo

Jupiter’s Magnetic Field (Juno)

Jupiter’s magnetic fields (Simulations)

Magnetic Field of Saturn (Michele Dougherty)

Mag Pi (2019) The Magnetic Fields of the Solar System

Mars Magnetic Map

Mercury’s Magnetic Field

Moon magnetic field existed longer than believed 

Saturn is Losing Its Rings at “Worst-Case-Scenario” Rate

D. Stevenson (2013) Magnetic Fields in Solar System Planets

The Magnetic Field of Mercury

The Mysterious Holes in the Atmosphere on Venus

8.5 Strahlungsgürtel und Polarlichter anderer Planeten

A Tour of Jupiter's Auroras

First X-rays from Uranus Discovered

Ganymede Magnetic Field May Help Detect Exoplanets

Hubble Spots Auroras on Uranus

Jupiter 'energy crisis' caused by auroras, scientists find in new study

Jupiter’s magnetic environment

Jupiter's Magnetosphere

Jupiter´s Magnetosphere Radiation Belts

Jupiter's Northern Lights

Jupiter's Radiation Belts

NASA’s Juno Reveals Dark Origins of One of Jupiter’s Grand Light Shows

NASA's Stunning Discoveries on Jupiter's Largest Moon Ganymede

Old gas blob from Uranus found in vintage Voyager 2 data

Saturn’s northern auroras seen by Hubble

Saturn's Polar Aurora

The hunt for exo-aurora's

8.6 Bedeutung der Erforschung planetarer Magnetosphären und Ionosphären

Fran Bagenal (2021) Planetary Magnetospheres

Rick Chappell (2021) The Role of the Earth’s Ionosphere in Magnetosphere Dynamics

Jan J. Sojka (2018) Planetary Ionospheres


Kapitel 9 Erforschung des Weltraumwetters

9.1 Weltraumwetter in der Heliosphäre und Umgebung der Erde

Meteor Strikes Russia, Over 1000 Believed Injured

Real time video of aurora borealis corona

SETI Institute (2021) How Does Solar Wind Affect Weather on Earth?

Space Weather News and information about the Sun-Earth Environment

Space Weather News Latest News

The History Guy The 1859 Carrington Event

9.2 Vorstellung exemplarischer Weltraumwetterereignisse

How A Solar Storm Sounds - Particle Sonification Video

Powerful solar x-flare blasts coronal mass ejection toward Earth

Side-by-side solar eruptions

Spectacular Coronal Mass Ejection (07.06.2011)

9.3 Weltraumwetter und Erdmagnetosphäre

Leaky Radiation Belts

NASA’s Van Allen Probes Catch Rare Glimpse of Supercharged Radiation Belt

What is space weather & how does it impact Earth? | Science Says

What Are The Radiation Belts?

9.4 Auswirkungen des Weltraumwetters

Earth’s Energy Budget Animations: Global View and Budget Breakout

Dinge erklärt (2017) Wie Sonnenstürme unsere Zivilisation zerstören könnten

Gefahr für die Erde: Sonnenstürme und Weltraumwetter

Giant solar eruption felt on Earth, Moon and Mars

NASA Science (2019) Effects of the Solar Wind

Scientists Answer Top Space Weather Questions

B. Carter (2015) Space weather and its impact on our technology-dependent

Space Weather Events Linked to Human Activity


What is space weather?

T. Berger (2019) What is Space Weather and Why Should I Care?

ZDF (2017) Gefahr aus dem All - Sonnenwind und Magnetstürme

Deadly Solar Flares & Coronal Mass Ejections - We Must Prepare

9.5 Über die Aufgaben und konkreten Arbeiten der Weltraumwetter-Vorhersagezentren

Ask a space weather researcher

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center forecast model run, Jan 23, 2012

NOAA: What happens at the sun doesn’t stay at the sun

Operations in Space Surveillance and Tracking

Safer Space for All~Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

SMOS satellite detects space weather

9.6 Bemannte Raumfahrt und die Auswirkungen des Weltraumwetters auf Mond und Mars

How NASA Will Protect Astronauts From Space Radiation at the Moon

NASA proposes building artificial magnetic field to restore Mars’ atmosphere

9.7 Heliobiologie - Über den möglichen Einfluss des Weltraumwetters auf die menschliche Gesundheit

The Sun's Influence on Consciousness - Electricity of Life

Magnetic factor of the solar terrestrial relations and its impact on the human body


Kapitel 10 Mögliche Auswirkungen des Weltraumwetters auf das Erdklima 

10.1 Treibhauseffekt und der Klimawandel

Global Warming from 1880 to 2021

Independent Institute (2019) Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? Featuring Physicists Willie Soon and Elliott D. Bloom

New super HD view of carbon dioxide

10.2 Temperaturschwankungen im Rhythmus der Milankovitch Zyklen

D. Btitt (2011) Orbits and Ice Ages: The History of Climate

V. Heinzke (2017)  Die Milankovitch - Zyklen

It´s Just Astronomicla (2019) How Ice Ages Happen: The Milankovitch Cycles

It´s Just Astronomical (2019) The Milankovitch Cycle Timeline: Where are we now?

Milankovitch cycles: Natural causes of climate change

M. M. Petcovic (2021) The Milankovitch Cycles - Ice Age - Climate changes - Milutin Milankovic Documentary movie

Sonneneinstrahlung und Erdumlaufbahn

10.3 Sonne und Erde im Strahlungsgleichgewicht

How does the climate system work?

Sonne - Ausstrahlung der Erde (Strahlungshaushalt)

Strahlungshaushalt der Erde (Strahlungsbilanz)

10.4 Über die Vielfalt der Klimafaktoren

Erdatmosphäre – Bestandteile, Aufbau, Schichten & Zusammensetzung einfach erklärt

Alfred-Wegener - Institut - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI) Bremerhaven

Alfred-Wegener - Institut - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI) Potsdam

CDN (01.06.2022) Looking At The Sun

Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum

Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie (EIKE) 

DLR Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre

Institut für Umweltphysik (IUB), Universität Bremen

Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT) Zentrum Klima und Umwelt

Klimanachrichten - Täglicher Newsletter über aktuelle Klimathemen

Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie (MPI-M)

Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK) 

Precious Ozone – The Size of it 

10.5 Kosmische Klimaeinflussfaktoren

CERN (2016) CLOUD Experiment: How it works

CERN (2021) CLOUD experiment: Why is it important for our understanding of climate?

J. D. Haigh ( ) Solar Variability and Climate

J. D. Haigh (2013) The sun and the climate

J. Kirkby (2011) The CERN CLOUD Experiment

J. Kirkby (2011) The CLOUD experiment at CERN

J. Kirkby (2016) CLOUD Experiment: How it works

Klimawandel: Das Geheimnis der Wolken – arte Dokumentation

M. Pino (2021, Gespräch mit Hendrik Svensmark) „Das ist der größte Fehler in den IPCC-Berichten!“

F. Stefani (2023) Solare und anthropogene Einflüsse auf das Erdklima

N. Shaviv (2021) The Solar Climate Link and Climate Sensitivity

N. Shaviv (2022) What role has the sun played in climate change? What does this mean for us?

Kalte Sonne (Klimaschau 116, 20.06.2022) Wie die Sonne das Erdklima beeinflusst

H. Svensmark (2011) The Cloud Mystery

H. Svensmark (2021) Mechanismen Linking Solar Activity and Climate - Cosmic rays and clouds

H. Svensmark (2022) What role has the sun played in climate change? What does this mean for us?

D. Whitehouse (2021, Gespräch mit Hendrik Svensmark) New study confirms Sun/Cosmic-Ray climate connection

W. Witzke (2019) Variabilität der Sonne • Zyklen, Magnetfelder & Sonnenflecken • Live im Hörsaal


NASA & TRAPPIST-1: A Treasure Trove of Planets Found

The Give and Take of Stellar Mega-Flares

TRAPPIST-1 Planet Animation

 Yes, the Sun Is an Ordinary, Solar-Type Star After All




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